Friday, February 3, 2012

Back to Blog - Susan Smith Blackburn Finalist!

Okay, I will warn the three people who read this post that I am crazy to think I am really going to start blogging again. I am swamped at school getting ready for my thesis and trying to rewrite four scripts at once.

But, come on, I have to brag about making the list for the 2012 Susan Smith Blackburn Prize Finalists!

Especially since the other finalists are pretty amazing (not sure how I made the list with them):

Alice Birch – Many Moons (U.K.)
Madeleine George - Seven Homeless Mammoths Wander New England (U.S.);
Jennifer Haley – The Nether (U.S.);
Nancy Harris – No Romance (Ireland);
Zinnie Harris – The Wheel (U.K.),
Jaki McCarrick – Belfast Girls (U.K.),
Molly Smith Metzler – Close Up Space (U.S.);
Meg Miroshnik - The Fairytale Lives of Russian Girls (U.S.); Alexis Zegerman – The Steingolds (U.K.).

The links above for Many Moons, No Romance and The Wheel take you to places where you can actually buy the scripts! And you can read an excerpt of Madeleine George's play off of the NewDramatists site using the link on that one.

My play, you're just SOL on reading-- unpublished and I'm too lazy to update the NewDramatists page I have this year. ;-) If you google all the plays and playwrights like I did, you will totally see why I'm saying "how the hell did I make this list???"  There is nothing on my play out there! Except this little lone summary on my webpage.

Well, actually, I made the list because Seth Gordon at The Repertory Company of St. Louis nominated it. I thought he was a pretty big optimist at the time and was hugely flattered. The Rep is doing a reading in March as part of their

I feel like a cat burglar. A black ski mask, repelling equipment, long rope, camoflage face paint, script = Blackburn Finalist!