Thursday, March 18, 2010

OWP's New Catalogue - Angel Eaters

The new Original Works Publication Catalogue (links to pdf) features a whole side bar on the Angel Eaters Trilogy! (p.6)

And go buy my friend Eric Eberwein's play GREAT WESTERN WANDERLUST (p.4), and while you are shopping: Jeremy Gable's THE AMERICAN WAY (p.2), Jason Aaron Goldberg's MAIN DRAG (p.4), Matt Casarino's THE PORNOZOMBIES (p.5), Amanda Ticsher DeMaio's UNRELENTING RELAXATION (p.8), and James Comtois' SUBURBAN PEEPSHOW (p.10).

Kudos to Jason and OWP-- the catalogue really looks great!

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Jeremy Gable said...

Thanks for the shout-out! Next time I'm in that biggest of apples, we should meet up!