Thursday, March 18, 2010

Johnna Conquers GRE, 670 670

First off, did you see that Goldstar commented on my last blog and they are fixing the name typo?!  Wow. Goldstar is watching. Goldstar is monitoring us. Goldstar reads my blog. Goldstar cares.

I am going to add them to my links section. No one ever uses my link section and I forget it exists a lot, but it is the least I can do in return for Goldstar. That was neat.

I took the GRE yesterday and didn't totally embarass myself! I thought I would brag to the world at large. 670 in verbal and 670 in math. I thought when I saw the scores that I had scored the same in math and verbal and must be some sort of unknowing math savant who had intuitively guessed right on the ten or so questions I absolutely didn't know. Then I went home and googled it and they weight the scores way differently. 670 in verbal scores 94% and 670 in math is 64%.

So, okay, it's basically an F in math-- but it's a MIDDLE F!  Smack in the middle of F territory-- the 60s. And I took a practice test two weeks ago in which I score a 200 - which would have given me a percentage of bottom 12%. So middle F is VICTORY!

Yeah, I know that all of you know ten or fifteen people who each scored 800 verbal and 780 math, no doubt, but I am 15 YEARS away from college! So I want more credit than my scores merit, okay? I killed that GRE (as far as I am concerned)!!!

I am applying to Hunter College's new playwriting MFA program with Tina Howe. I will keep you posted on how that goes.

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