Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Quilt for Kay's Wedding

Most of my spare time lately has been taking up trying to finish this quilt for friend Kay Mitchell's (soon to be Kay Carey) wedding (on Saturday, Aug 1). I am definitely not going to finish it in time for Saturday (I should have the main part quilted, but will still have the border and binding to do). So, all she is going to get by Saturday is a link to these photos and some swatches.

Which, funnily enough, is all her sister Beth got on her wedding day about ten or twelve years ago. During college, Kay and I decided about two weeks before Beth's wedding that we would make her a king size quilt together and have it ready by the wedding, of course. Kay ended up giving her swatches on the wedding day and she didn't see the quilt for about three years. We over estimated our quilting abilities a tad. This one so far has taken about five months, so I am hoping it will get to Kay by the end of the year at least!

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Molly said...

Are you doing your quilting stitches by hand or machine? The quilt is beautiful and I know Kay will treasure it -- congratulations to Kay, too!