Monday, November 17, 2008

Another Lovely Blog Review of Angel Eaters

Thanks so much, Zack! I love Sarah Kane. Being mentioned in the same breath is head swelling.
Bloggers are nice.
I need to go see BLASTED at SoHo Rep. I saw the LA premiere that Rude Guerilla Theatre Company did in Burbank a few years ago and can't really imagine anybody surpassing director Dave Barton at Sarah Kane. The production of CLEANSED he directed in the middle of Republican-as-hell Orange County, CA, could not be improved on-- it was just awe-inspiring. It is all well and good to do in-your-face theater in SoHo, but in-your-face theater in Orange County? We should just all send Rude Guerilla money right now for the hell of it.
But, I'll go see it at SoHo, I am sure it is brilliant. If they would like to continue copying Rude Guerilla's programming, my play THE SACRED GEOMETRY OF S&M PORN is available.


Zack said...

Your welcome. I can't wait to see "Rattlers" and "8 Little Antichrists".

Eric said...

Orange County's actually not "Republican-as-hell" anymore. That's a 20-year-old perception New Yorkers have. It's like thinking that everybody in the movie industry in 2008 still looks and dresses like Robert Evans. The place is much more diverse.