Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Bianca Bagatourian's Beautiful REMNANTS OF A LIQUID WORLD

Caught Bianca Bagatourian's wonderful play REMNANTS OF A LIQUID WORLD at the SOHO think tank's 6th Floor Series last night. Bianca is a recent graduate of the Mac Wellman-led MFA program at Brooklyn College and has create lustrous and deeply personal play.

REMNANTS OF A LIQUID WORLD explores the repercussions of the 1979 Iranian revolution in personal terms. The main character, SHE, was evacuated from Iran on the eve of the Shah's overthrow as a young child and relocated to the United States. As the character eloquently says in the first few moments of the play, "childhood is the end of feeling," for her and the 800,000 or so other children whose culture was destroyed as a result of the Iranian diaspora. I loved the monologues in the play. There was an especially haunting passage about the poor during the lead up to the revolution digging bloody sheep fat from the gutters outside the slaughterhouse to survive-- gorgeously poetic and horrific at the same time. Bianca also has some very effective memory scenes showing a young child and her mother in pre-revolutionary Iran. The child is always bitterly complaining that the mother is drawing her away from something pleasurable (ice cream, swimming, comic books, etc.) because they are late or out of time. I got chills when I realized that was a set up for the heart-rending scene between the mother and child when she is told she must leave the country or die. Very effective.

I thought that Daoud Heidami (FRIEND) and Danelle Eliav (HOMA) were especially good in an outstanding cast. Dyana Kimball's direction was also powerful. I hope to go see more SOHO Think Tank stuff.

Going to see Richard Martin Hirsch's play tonight:

A workshop production of the winner of
Reverie's 2008 Next Generation Playwriting Contest

by Richard Martin Hirsch
directed by Tania Inessa Kirkman
Sun Nov 16 @ 3pm
Tues Nov 18@ 8pm
Wed Nov 19 @ 8pm

@ The Kraine Theater
85 East 4th St (btw 2nd & 3rd Ave)
admission Pay What You Can!
RSVP: reserve@reverieproductions.org

Then tomorrow I will catch my own show, Rattlers, at Wings Theatre. Shaping up to be a good week at the theater.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Rattlers NY Production Team Photo

Autumn Horne (Rattlers, stage manager), Asa Wember (Sound Design), Jerry Ruiz (Rattlers, director), Me and Jen Rathbone (lighting designer).

Everybody looks grim in this, huh? Imagine the worst tech week you have ever had and multiple it by THREE! That was our little world.

The Angel Eaters Trilogy is www.nytheatre.com's pick of the week!

http://www.nytheatre.com/ has selected the Angel Eaters Trilogy as pick of the week:

"THE ANGEL EATERS TRILOGY: Flux Ensemble Theatre and Johnna Adams deserve major kudos for the most ambitious work of the indie theatre season--a trilogy of plays tracing the supernatural saga of a family over a hundred years. PICK OF THE WEEK!"

Another Lovely Blog Review of Angel Eaters

Thanks so much, Zack! I love Sarah Kane. Being mentioned in the same breath is head swelling.
Bloggers are nice.
I need to go see BLASTED at SoHo Rep. I saw the LA premiere that Rude Guerilla Theatre Company did in Burbank a few years ago and can't really imagine anybody surpassing director Dave Barton at Sarah Kane. The production of CLEANSED he directed in the middle of Republican-as-hell Orange County, CA, could not be improved on-- it was just awe-inspiring. It is all well and good to do in-your-face theater in SoHo, but in-your-face theater in Orange County? We should just all send Rude Guerilla money right now for the hell of it.
But, I'll go see it at SoHo, I am sure it is brilliant. If they would like to continue copying Rude Guerilla's programming, my play THE SACRED GEOMETRY OF S&M PORN is available.

Rattlers OC is a Backstage West Critics' Pick!

Rattlers at STAGEStheatre in Fullerton, CA, got a great review from Eric Marchese at Backstage West and is a critcs' pick! Congrats!!!!!!

Flux is doing an amazing job of collecting the Angel Eater Trilogy reviews on their blog and presenting them attractively with show pictures here. And by "Flux" I really mean "August Schulenburg" who is the main blogmeister.

I keep meaning to post snippets of the reviews (artfully presented with ellipses in place of any negative comments), but haven't yet. We got very lovely and wonderful blogger reviews from James Comtois on ANGEL EATERS and Toby Ring Thelin on the whole tril.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

More Angel Eaters Photos

From my crappy little camera.


Had to attend a three day meeting for work. Got some nice doodles out of it.

Justin Hoch's Angel Eaters and Rattlers Photos

Check out the Flux Theatre Ensemble collection on photographer Justin Hoch's Flickr account for some cool show photos. I like this one of me and Angel Eaters director Jessi D. Hill at the Angel Eaters dress rehearsal. We look very intent on something. I also sort of look like I have heartburn-- but I think that was powerful emotions. Or maybe we said the pledge of allegiance that night. Anyway, all the photos are cool.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Rattlers photos from STAGEStheatre in Fullerton, CA

Photos from the Rattlers production that opened in California a few hours after the play premiered in NY.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Meme'd By Freeman

Public menace and funny playwright Matt Freeman insists I blog about "seven strange things" about myself. Gosh, where do I start?? Only seven . . . .

1. This is sort of strange, but not especially. More like "mildly amusing lame thing" about yourself. I took a writing class with awesome pulp science fiction and fantasy writer Gene Wolfe in 1997 in Chicago. In one of the stories I wrote and Gene marked up, I wrote: "She took it in her hands and slid it under a glass." (Brilliant, huh?)-- Gene circled the words "in her hands" and wrote in the margin of the story "if she takes it in her mouth, tell me." It took me eleven years to realize that was a dirty joke. At the time, I thought he was just making a point about overwriting. I remember my earnest little 20-something self pouring over his advice and thinking that he meant I should only specifiy how a character handles an object if he or she is behaving unusually. I made notes to that effect in my journal. Earnest little notes. I pulled out the story and looked over it during my last round of 8 Little Antichrists rewrites a couple weeks ago (it is the first attempt I made to write the Claudia / breeder vat warehouse storyline) and laughed my head off. Hell is being stranded on a deserted island with yourself in your 20s.

Okay, the rest are shorter.

2. My cat's full name is Andrej Wajda Zbigniew Adams. Vets love me.

3. My favorite chef in California works in Little Saigon at a small storefront Vietnemese vegetarian restaurant. He has taken a vow of silence. I once got seriously insulted when I was leaving the restaurant because he frantically signalled that he wanted to 'talk' to me and then made a bunch of hand gestures I thought were telling me I looked taller and fatter. Turns out, he was just asking why my friend who'd been going there with me (and is taller and fatter) was not with me. But things were really tense for a moment. Silent, but TENSE.

4. I did a nude talkback for a one act of mine at a naturist resort. I was nude and the 60 people watching were nude. The first comment we got was that the way the actors had groomed their pubic hair did not represent their characters well. Luckily, I have plenty of experience being naked and feeling completely awkward-- that came in handy.

5. I like to cut lemons in half, sprinkle salt on them and eat them.

6. I brought fresh durian to work once in California and the facilities manager came into my cube thinking there was a gas leak in the building. My coworkers lit matches outside my cube and glared at me all day. We had layoffs that day, too, and that made them all even madder.

7. I have a large, paint-by-numbers portrait of Jesus kneeling in the garden of Gethsemene on black velvet in my living room. My mother painted it when I was five. After she died it ended up in an aunt's garage for while. She gave it to me after I graduated college because I was old enough to "take care of it." Unfortunately, she didn't mean old enough to take Jesus out behind the garage and shoot him in the head kind of take care of it. She meant frame it and display it properly. And I can't bring myself to get rid of it.

My strange things are concentrated around sex jokes, nudity, fruit, my cat, and Jesus resentment. Hmmm. That is probably a strange thing in and of itself.

I am not meme'ing anyone else. I am breaking the chain. I think you are all weird enough as it is.


Gus Schulenburg, Marnie Schulenburg and I recently appeared on http://www.nytheatre.com Indy Theater Now podcast #254, promoting Flux Theatre Ensemble's production of THE ANGEL EATERS TRILOGY. Download the podcast at: http://www.nytheatrecast.com/wordpress/archives/171

I got to hang out at Martin Denton's place and meet the moderator, Trav S. D. and the sound designer Rochelle. That was cool. I am a subscriber to the podcast (you can do that on itunes) and it is like I suddenly jumped into my own ipod.

Gus sounds good. My laugh sounds really annoying. Ugh. I am not going to laugh anymore.

Cool Angel Eaters and 8 Little Antichrists Photos from my Crappy Little Camera

Catherine Michele Porter, Isaiah Tanenbaum and Tiffany Clementi in Angel Eaters.

Satanachia the antichrist (puppet) and Gus Schulenburg (non-puppet) in 8 Little Antichrists.

Felicia Hudson, Zack Robidas and Elise Link in 8 Little Antichrists.

Candice Holdorf, Gus Schulenburg, Zack Robidas and Becca McHugh in 8 Little Antichrists.

Cotton Wright and Marnie Schulenburg in Angel Eaters.