Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Tickets on Sale for my Angel Eater Trilogy!

Photo by Isaiah Tanenbaum. Pictured: Rebecca McHugh as Melanie, Zack Robidas as Jeremy from 8 LITTLE ANTICHRISTS


Tickets are now on sale for the Trilogy, you can buy tickets on the Flux Theatre website,, now.

Special Discounts Offers!
Flux is offering $11 tickets for the first week only (Nov. 3-9) for a limited time. Use code "AEWEEK1" to take advantage of this deal. Offer ends October 17th, so buy early. Here's the link:

SHOW PACKAGE for only $40!
We are offering a special mini-subscription package for audience members who are interested in seeing all three plays in the trilogy. This offer is valid for pre-sales only. Here's the link:

TRILOGY BENEFIT and opportunity to buy flexible tickets
On Sunday, October 19th in the evening, Flux will be holding a benefit party to support The Angel Eaters trilogy. Venue details are being finalized. Flux will be offering the best deals on tickets at the benefit party.

FLEX TICKETS at the benefit
Only at the Trilogy benefit party will people be able to purchase (cash only) flex tickets. This means, they can buy their ticket but don't have to lock down a date right away. This is a great option if you definitely want to come but don't know your schedule yet.

Prices will be as follow:
One play: $15
Two plays: $24
All Three plays: $30 (there will never be a discount lower than this one!)

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Erik said...

I am so excited that the whole trilogy is being produced! That's so rockstar. Break lots of legs!