Thursday, October 2, 2008

Facebook Distracts Big-Name Playwrights from Writing

UPDATE 2: Also managed to spell Jeffrey Sweet's name wrong (Jeffrey not Jeffery). I do nothing but spell names wrong on this blog, it is official.
UPDATE: Oops, that should be Mike Daisey -- not Daisy. Sorry. I do nothing but misspell people's names on this blog. Sorry, Mike! Thanks for letting me know. :-/

I spent a good portion of yesterday messing around on facebook and decided to invite every playwright I could find to be my friend. Within 24 hours I got an accept friendship notice from every playwright listed below (loosely in order of response time).

James Comtois
Matt Freeman
Gary Winter
Qui Nguyen
Kate Ryan
Jeffrey Sweet
Colin Young
Carlyle Brown
Aaron Zook
Barry Rowell
Stephen Adly Guirgis
Kristen Greenidge
Madeleine George
Annie Baker
Carlos Murillo
Kara Lee Corthron
Young Jean Lee
Crystal Skillman
Prince Gomolivilas
Nicky Silver
Dale Andersen
Mike Daisey
Patrick Gabridge
Lucy Thurber
Erik Ehn
Susan Bernfield
Luis Alfaro
Kathleen Warnock
Carolyn Hoederman
Rafael F.J. Alvarado (poet)
Hilly Hicks
Jeff Jones
Andrea Ciannavei
Tim Fannon
Liz Duffy Adams
Jonathan Marc Sherman
Julia Jordan
Tom Jacobson
Gina Gionfriddo
Israel Horowitz
Adam Rapp
Randy Baker

I wonder who many plays are not being written because we are all messing around on facebook?


Patrick Gabridge said...

Ah, but Facebook pales in its ability to distract compared to blogging. Or reading and commenting on blogs... (I'm glad to be on the list of distractions/distractables)

Kathleen W. said...

Well, along with the faux intimacy and "six degrees of separation" quality, we can also invite each other to our readings (I believe your APAC reading is the one after mine!)

And, of course, I found out about this post because of the Google Alert I have for my own name.

Vanity, they name is time-wasting playwright!


Jeffrey Sweet said...

I can't be that big-name a playwright if my first name is mis-spelled! (It's Jeffrey, not Jeffery)

A certain amount of amiable correspondence with friends and acquaintances loosens up my fingers and helps me start writing. As a matter of fact, I just finished a new three-act play called CLASS DISMISSED that opens in Chicago this season, and I'm already into the beginning of another play and working on two musicals. And teaching two classes and writing a regular schedule of articles. I don't think I'm likely to be voted into the Indolence League.

Barry Rowell said...

Facebook isn't what keeps me from writing: producing, attending plays, dinners with friends and my accursed day job take care of that for me... mostly the day job, really.

Facebook keeps me from answering e-mails.