Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Chance to see the Adam Kraar play I liked

Are you gnashing your teeth because you didn't get to see that Adam Kraar reading I blogged about attending a couple of months ago? Well, now is your chance. Adam has scored a Lisa Peterson-directed reading at LaMama.

I don't think my rehearsal schedule is going to permit me to attend, but everyone else on the planet should go.

by Adam Kraar
Directed by Lisa Peterson
Monday, October 13th, at 7:30 pm
74A East 4th St

EMPIRE OF THE TREES is set in India in 1963. When Deborah, a young American woman living in New Delhi, strikes up a literary and romantic bond with a traveling Indian bookseller, she discovers she has a mysterious connection to ancient Indian myth. She tries to share her new awareness with her husband, an ambitious journalist, but clashes with his inter-cultural suspicions, and cruel facts of class and history. She seeks spiritual solace with the bookseller, and from the wise old Banyan tree in her yard - which causes her household to explode, and myth to spill into reality.

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