Tuesday, July 29, 2008

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I am a roach amongst blogsters, I know. Was my last blog entry really in April? Ouch. Many thousands of apologies. I will do my best to be better.

During my blog absence I have been rewriting plays like crazy getting ready for this Fall's production of the Angel Eater trilogy by Flux Theatre Ensemble. We will be at Wings, a little proscenium stage on Christopher Street in the West Village for the production. I hope to see you all there. I will post a lot of promotional material, and probably hit most of you with an email when we get closer to the show.

My production of San Merci was canceled by Maieutics due to lack of funds. That was a bummer. I have the script out a few places, so maybe it will pick up a production for next year.

My play RATTLERS will be produced at STAGEStheatre in Fullerton, CA, in November. It will open there on November 8th, about a week after it opens in New York, and run for 8 performances in rep with and on the set of THE DINNER PARTY. I am hoping to some see it-- RATTLERS on the set of THE DINNER PARTY is not to be missed in my opinion. Plus, the STAGEStheatre people are my favorite people on the planet and that is worth a plane ticket to LA. It is being directed by David Campos, who hid in a baby's basinet and made lizard/alien noises back in 1998(?) when STAGEStheatre produced the 15-minute one act version of my play THE MIRACLE OF MARY MACK'S BABY, starring myself and the wonderous Patti Cumby. Ah, good memories. Good times.

RATTLERS will also be party of Gallimaufry Performing Arts' first annual New Works Festival and receive a staged reading in the Pageant of the Masters Complex in Laguna Beach in the first or second weekend of November. Hoping to catch it and the STAGEStheatre show on the same weekend if I can. While not missing the trilogy's opening weekend in New York, of course.

Started an acting class with Austin Pendleton, who is wonderful and amazing. That is on Saturday mornings at HB Studios in the West Village. Loving that.

Will post something on what I am seeing later. Glad to be back!


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Hello. And Bye.

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