Wednesday, April 2, 2008

New Headshots

Got new headshots this weekend with Jason Berger. He is the older brother of my Deloitte coworker Debra, so it was nice to get to meet him and shoot with him.
Wish we could have done more outdoor shots-- but it was too cold and windy. I like the graffiti shot, though. That will be my new business card. I have already ordered them from
We took about 760 photos in two hours. I have decided that surely there is a level of hell devoted to looking at over 700 photos of yourself at one time. Yuck! If I am ever feeling conceited and superior, I will just pull out that CD and make myself look at all of them again. But, I did like a handful, so it is worth it.


The Misanthrope said...

Great shots, he is as talented as his sister. Of course, after knowing Debra for six years I didn't know she had a brother.

Anonymous said...

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Nick Coleman (New York Headshot Photographer) said...

I like that graffiti shot... my friend Tom has a similar shot, and I think it was taken in Brooklyn.