Friday, March 7, 2008

2008 New York Theater Review is out APRIL 1!

Looking forward (now that I am debt-free) to buying several copies of this year's New York Theatre Review! It hits the shelves April 1st. The launch party will be April 11th at the Drama Bookstore.

I contributed this year, with rambling comments about moving from LA and launching a Big Apple blog in the bloggers article. That makes me almost spectacularly famous in addition to being debt-free.
Here is there promo stuff:
The third edition of the New York Theater Review, the
annual anthology chronicling the then, the now and that which may some day be in New York City alt-theater and performance, will be available worldwide on April 1.

With a cross-section of the best and the brightest in contemporary NYC alt-theater over the past year, our latest edition offers a combination of new plays from Ping Chong & Sara Michelle Zatz, Taylor Mac and Tommy Smith (see left), essays from Marya Sea Kaminski, Victoria Linchong and Zachary R. Mannheimer (see below), plus all kinds of extra goodies, such as a group mixer with NYC bloggers blindsquirrel (aka Johnna Adams), Obscene Jester (aka T. Nikki Cesare & Steve Luber), Playgoer (aka Garrett Eisler), Rat Sass (aka Nick Fracaro) and the Blog of Many Names that Change Quite Often (aka Jason Grote's).

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