Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Casting a Trilogy

Spent the weekend at callbacks for the Flux Theatre Ensemble general auditions. The picture above shows headshots organized on chairs.

I had no idea auditions were so grueling. Between the general round of auditions (Feb 2 and 3) and the callback round this weekend, I think I spent about 36 hours sitting in the same chair, in the same room, watching actors. On Sunday, I also watched a huge blizzard build up, rage, and subside out the rooms windows.

I saw so many great performers! We could have cast most trilogy roles about three times over. Not sure when the final cast list will be announced. Hopefully within the week.


Other things I am reading, seeing, or thinking about:
  • Gus Schulenburg has a great bit of writing on measuring characters up to a formula (Action=Change=Need) on the Flux blog.
  • Jason Grote's Maria/Stuart kicked ass at the recent NYU hotINK readings. It was the same director and largely the same cast as when I saw it at the Soho Rep writers/directors lab reading last spring. Reminded me that attending multiple readings of plays in development can be fascinating and not torturous.
  • Working frantically on rewrites on Godsbreath to email to Darin Anthony in Los Angeles this week. That is going well and I expect to finish the new act one tonight. Hoping to get a new draft of 8 Little Antichrists finished for the March 1st Flux reading of the entire trilogy. I am in rewrite hell this month. Tumblewings, Rattlers, and Angel Eaters may also get new drafts this month.
  • Going to the Reverie Productions' writers' meeting tonight. I have been a huge flake and missed the last several meetings. Maybe I should bring doughnuts.

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