Friday, December 7, 2007

Washington Post Survey Tells Me I am an Edwards Supporter! Huh, not what I thought.

The Washington Post has a blind candidate survey up where you take a 25 question quiz, picking the candidate response to policy questions that you most agree with, and they tell you at the end which candidate you supported the most.

I was stunned to find that out of a possible 100 points, I got 31 points for John Edwards, 27 points for Bill Richardson (who I didn't really even remember was running), 19 points for Obama, 13 points for Clinton, and 12 points for Dodd.

Now, on many of the issues, the responses were all the same and you had to select based on wording. So, it may just really be that I have a deep affinitiy for John Edwards' speechwriter or something. But it is a fascinating quiz. I may take it again, there is an option where you can take it with the candidate names showing I think, and see where I disagree with everyone. Also be interesting to take the Republican quiz.

Thanks to my friend Alison Y for emailing this to me.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Eric Eberwein in this month

Go read my friend Eric Eberwein's play "My Perfect Face" at this month! Eric rocks.