Friday, November 9, 2007

Sneak Peak Rattlers

I am flying off to LA tomorrow to see my trilogy reading on Sunday, and I thought I would leave you with a teaser from Rattlers. A monologue and some stage directions toward the end of scene 3. I will blog some recent NY readings I've been to and more than you want to know about my trilogy reading next week!

I was on a bus to Natchitoches one time. . . . Would have
been before you was even born. It was before my girls was
born. . . . And there was a group of slow children on the
bus. They was traveling with a Sunday School teacher, I
think. Or, maybe they was moving these slow children from a
group home into some church home. Some institution. I don’t
remember. . . . But there was this one little girl with these
white, yellow pigtails. Just the brightest little smile you
ever saw. You could tell by her face that she was slow. She
had that look. . . . And she had a book with pictures of
angels in it. And she kept wanting to show me her book. And
she was calling all those angels by the names of birds. “See
pigeon?” She’d say to me and then point to a picture of the
Archangel Michael. Gabriel with his horn was a blue jay. The
whole heavenly host arrayed in the clouds welcoming Jesus’
ascension to heaven was sparrows and hawks, she said. I must
have looked through that book with her a hundred times on
that trip to Natchitoches. “See the pigeon?” “See the
eagles?” You could see how proud she was of herself. How
proud she was of knowing names. I got to Natchitoches to my
aunt’s house. And my aunt was a big Church of Christ woman
and she told me I should have corrected that little slow
girl. I shouldn’t have let her get off that bus not knowing
the right names of the Lord’s angels. I shouldn’t have let
her believe that they was nothing but birds. But, I couldn’t
have done that. Not to that little girl. She loved them
angels better for being birds. I hope nobody ever told her. .
. . There’s something fragile like that inside us. Everybody.

SHANE kisses her.

MATTIE grabs him roughly by the
shoulders and pulls him to the ground.
She takes control of the kiss and rips
his shirt open, scattering buttons on
the asphalt.


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