Friday, November 2, 2007

Invitations to my Cockfighters Trilogy in Los Angeles

Hello Los Angeles / Orange County Friends!

I am coming back to town for one weekend only! For a special appearance at a reading of my Cockfighters Trilogy (name may change) on SUNDAY NOVEMBER 11. We will be reading my plays COCKFIGHTERS, TUMBLEWINGS, and GODSBREATH all on the same day!

I will fly in Saturday and fly out Monday, so the best opportunity to see me and catch up is to come to the reading and/or dinner afterward with the producers and cast.

How do you come to the reading? Well, that is the tricky part. It is an invitation-only affair. The producers want it to be mainly a small-ish event with invited designers and potential collaborators. However, all of my friends, luckily, are amply qualified to be dramaturgical assistants to the playwright. Right? Is there anyone out there who wants to come and thinks they won't have an opinion about the plays? I didn't think so. Presto, you are my special dramaturgical assistance unit (SDAU).

The time commitment is roughly 10:30 am to 7pm, with breaks of about an hour between the shows. You do not have to come to all three shows.

So, EMAIL ME or send me a myspace message if you want to come to the reading and you will get an email invitation from the producers next week.

If you just want to stop by and visit with me at the dinner after the show, let me know and I will send out the restaurant and time (it will be in LA, probably around Hollywood) next week.

Hope to see some of you soon!
The production photo above is Loring Rose and Brad Whitfield in the STAGEStheatre produciton of "Regrets" one of the one act plays Cockfighters is based on. The whole trilogy started with that play, which was an Orange County Playwrights' Alliance themed one act on the theme of 'revenge.'

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