Monday, November 19, 2007

Don't Drop Your Work Laptop

Don't drop your work laptop on the hardwood floor in your bedroom like I did on Saturday night.

The IT guy at work said it will take them 2 weeks or so to "figure out who will pay" to retrieve my hard drive data off the now very broken computer.

And no one will touch it or attempt to work on the computer until they receive confirmation of which department will pay. Until then they just hold the broken machine hostage in their storage cabinet. Like extortionists.

I asked if we could just agree that the department I work for would pay, and they said it is not that simple. Oh. Okay.

I am limping along on a loaner computer. Also, they told me that since the laptop is leased, I can't expect a new one. They will find out who will pay for repairs after they find out who will pay for data retrieval and then return the mended, busted-up laptop to me in the distant future. Probably with duct tape over the busted place, I guess.

Oh, the unhappiness.


The Misanthrope said...

Oh the unhappiness and the lack of humanity to show compassion.

B2 said...

Ouch! So sorry! However, my girls love the pic of the squirrel in the pumpkin.

Johnna Adams said...


IT actually got the computer up and running by Wednesday of last week and returned it to me! Apparently the comments on Monday (couple of weeks to figure out who is paying . . .) were just tactics to scare and intimidate me that worked for them. I have all my stuff back. The computer have a smashed up front corner, but I keep telling him it makes him look sexy.

I am so glad the girls like the squirrel in pumpkin! I lifted it off the internet and will probably be sued soon, but it is worth it to please the B2 girls.