Friday, November 2, 2007

Beckim's THE MAIN(E) PLAY Reading and Another Cousin's Married Now

Took in Chad Beckim's reading at Partial Comfort Production's Welcome Mat series of his new work, THE MAIN(E) PLAY, on Monday. Over at Theatre Row.

One of the LIGHTS RISE ON GRACE actors was in the reading, Alexander Alioto. He did another outstanding job here. His co-stars from the Fringe Fest production were in the audience watching him. That was cool. I loved LIGHTS RISE ON GRACE and it was like getting to sneak looks at famous people everytime I looked over to watch the actors watching the reading.

The play is a delightful, comic character study about a family in Maine over a tumultous Thanksgiving weekend. I enjoyed it, particularly, the character of Roy as played by the outstanding David Wilson Barnes. His scenes with Alexander Alioto were the heart of the play for me and quite gripping. Looking forward to seeing what happens next with the script.


Also went to Dallas last weekend for my cousin's wedding. It was surprisingly painless for a family wedding. I applaud myself for the brilliant decision to get a hotel room of my own and not try to share with any members of my family. That makes things so much less painful.

I bought my outfit in Astoria, about an hour before I left for the airport. The nice Greek Orthodox ladies working at the closest store to my house with evening dresses sold me a rather sparkly gold number with sequins around the low-for-me bodice. It was also, helpfully, a size or so too small. I felt like a Vienna sausage rolled in a bag of glitter. And I am not sure the Presbyterian, Dallas, TX, church knew quite what to make of my Greek Orthodox-inspired getup. It was very fancy. No one else was wearing that dress. Ah, the joys of the last minute shopper! I forgot my camera. If someone emails me photos I will post.

My Dad surprised me by having a fabulous time. It was a wedding for a cousin on my biological mother's side (my mom died when I was 8) and Dad was a little surprised to be invited, with my stepmom. He hadn't seen anyone there in 25 years or so, and the last time was at funerals and hospital scenes he has spent a lifetime trying to forget. But, he started bubble-blowing wars at the reception table, tormented one of my cousins about some episode involving a CB radio and a highway patrol man that my cousin clearly wanted forgot, giggled and gossiped with one of my uncles, teased everyone mercilessly, made everyone laugh. Dad has a life-of-the-party sense of humor and energy that is sort of unpredictable. I forget sometimes what a joy he can be to be around. And everyone loved my stepmom. That was nice. It was short. Not much else you can ask for in a family wedding.

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Marie D. said...

It sounds like a good wedding. How did you find the hotel? Was it a joint deal with the hotels being used for the rest of the guests, or were you the only one in a hotel? I'm trying to arrange guests for my own wedding, looking all around, and seeing what is the best way to do it.