Monday, November 5, 2007

Baby Rattlers on the Loose!

As of around 11pm last night, I am the proud parent of a lean, mean 93-page rattlesnake play called, RATTLERS.

The play is a muder mystery with supernatural elements, continuing the multi-generational saga begun in my play ANGEL EATERS, and concerning a family cursed with the power to eat the goodness off a dead body and unnaturally reanimate the corpse.

Osley, our second generation angel eater, is kidnapped by a rattlesnake wrangler in rural Okalhoma named Snake. Snake's girlfriend Ernelle wants Osley to resurrect her recently murdered sister Kate. Kate and Ernelle's mother Mattie is seeking a brutal revenge for the crime, while Kate's husband Everett encounters a distraught and secretive undertaker in the funeral parlor parking lot, Ted. A dark tale of murder and retribution where it isn't easy to tell who is a rattler and who is prey.

This is a thematically similar play to my play Cockfighters, for those of you who liked that one.

This is the second play of my Angel Eaters Trilogy. In December, I will have exciting news about how East Coasters can see the entire trilogy next year.

As always, I am delighted to have you read and comment if anyone is interested in seeing the script.


Ken said...

Hi Johnna,
I'd be interested to read it. I saw "Cockfighters" (and, in fact, met you briefly) back in early 2003, here in NY. I was invited by your director, Sarah Gurfield, who was working with me on a play at the time. I really enjoyed it. Would love to take a look at your latest.

Johnna Adams said...

Wow! We will have to get together sometime. I saw Sarah's play in the Fringe Fest recently, but haven't hooked up with her since I moved out here. And I am going to a reading being held by Oberon Theater Ensemble tonight-- they produced Cockfighters back in 2003. Email me at blindsquirrel at mindspring dot com and I will send you Rattlers. It will be great to see what you think!

Adam said...

I loved the scene of it you brought in.

I have a play called Pretty Theft which is constantly called Petty Theft. I'm sure you get a lot of Angle Eaters.

Johnna Adams said...

I sort of like Angle Eaters. I am sure that I will inadvertently, through typos, call it that myself frequently. Wonder if I can get a trilogy out of that title, too?

Petty Theft is cool, too. I like that. We should both write plays that are alteregos of our existing plays based on their typo-names.