Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Catch Up Blog Post on What I am Doing Lately

I have seen quite a few shows/readings lately and a movie. Thought I would try to do a brief paragraph on a variety of topics and call it a blog post.

Saw New York Theatre Workshop's production of The Misanthrope on Friday. Hated it. They called me yesterday trying to sell me a subscription based on "we are so glad you came to see The Misanthrope, and did you know that Mikhail Baryshnikov is starring in our next production of Samuel Beckett short plays, some of which have no dialogue?" I told the customer service rep that if I ever re-write Dante's Inferno, watching Mikhail Baryshnikov mime Beckett and sitting through The Misanthrope again will be two of the lower levels in my own personal hell. Okay, I didn't really. I thought of that line after I already hung up with the poor telemarketer. I just told him the Naomi Wallace play they have planned for later this season sounds good and to call me back when that is playing. I am a weenie and only clever on my blog. Not in person.

Playwright Chris Saunders and I went to the MCC reception for the new playwrights they are inducting into their development program on Sunday. Adam Szmykowicz, Ashlin Halfnight, Anton Dudley, Dan LeFranc, and Kathryn Walat are the inductees. They made them wear strange robes, stand inside a pentagram, and summon demons during the induction ceremony. Okay, not really. But, I'm going to do that when I start a playwriting development program. We watched ten minute plays and excerpts from their work and then there was free booze. Chris and I both realy liked Adam's play Snow and I adored the Anton Dudley ten minute play about the two Scottish boys. The actors were phenoms. Chris and I talked to Mark Schultz at the reception and I am planning on going to the next MCC playlab event, which will be a reading of Mark's new play.

****POSSIBLE SPOILERS****Saw the new Jose Rivera-penned movie Trade last night at the Angelika Film Center. This is a play about a young Mexican man who is trying to free his 13-year-old sister from a sex slave ring in a cross-country chase. I thought it was great-- but with a few minor quibbles. Mostly, the slave ring was being run by a bunch of idiots! I am just a sales manager with no personal experience in the global sex slavery trade-- but I walked out of that film convinced that I could run a better sex slave ring in my spare time than these bozos. For instance, I would know better than to ask the enforced sex slaves to give me their passports IN PUBLIC, IN THE AIRPORT. Where you might arouse suspicions. That can wait until we get them back to the evil lair, or at least into the car! And if I find that I need to give one of my underaged sex slaves a good beating-- I would know not to do this AT A PUBLIC REST STOP STANDING IN FRONT OF A LARGE CLIFF! No, no, no all of the Johnna Adams' Sex Slave Production Company slave beatings will happen in the goddamned van or somewhere else where we are not at risk of losing a high-quality sex slave to suicide and where we don't have to chase her to administer the beating. Incomprehensible to me that people could run a business this way. I think you were supposed to come out of the film with your heart breaking for the poor sexually abused children, but I have a highly developed sense of frustration with corporate inefficiencies that I had a hard time setting aside. Performances are really good. And when I wasn't frowning and wishing I could do some consulting work on improving enterprise risk performance for the slavers' ring, I found the story very engaging.

Working on some play pages to take to the Flux Sunday writers meeting that starts up again on Sunday.


B2 said...

Ah, if only we could come up with those zingers when we need them, and not just afterward.

The Misanthrope said...

I thought you were saying you hated me. I got worried there for on quick second.