Monday, October 29, 2007

1001 Reasons to See 1001

Okay, I am not really going to type 1001 reasons to go see Jason Grote's 1001 from Page 73 Productions. That would hurt my fingers. So I will give you a top five list:

5. Costumes, costumes, costumes. How did they know how much I want to be a harem girl and like daydreaming about how I would dress if I were one? Lush, gorgeous and neato-snazzy threads on all the pretty actors.

4. The script is even better than the five page exercise Jason wrote in the Mac Wellman workshop I took with him where he adapted a Circuit City flyer to the stage. And that exercise had big screen TV's screaming obscenities at one another, so you can see how tough that is to beat! Seriously, I loved the way the script evolved in completely unexpected directions and opened effortlessly into deeper and deeper storylines-- there is something so natural and organic about it. It will stay with you a long time. You can't figure it all out sitting there, you have to work some of it out in your head on the walk home- and that is a marvelous achievement.

3. The floaty blue parachute.

2. The perception shift that happens about halfway through when you think you finally know what the hell is going on. Then all the other little perception shifts when you decide you were right, you weren't right, right again, well, maybe it's more like this and then 'ah ha!, I get it!' That's good writing.

1. Decapitations, amputations, royal proclamations, incestuous relations, nuclear annililations, geni-in-lamp infestations, sultanic sexual satiations, Jorge Luis Borges dissertations, the plight of Arab nations, and Jewish-Palestinian reconciliations generate elations, intellectual masturbations, and audience excitations!

So go see it. You can get ticket info here.


Bob Jude said...

hey, you stole my blogpost title. Guess a play called "1001" begs the question, eh?


Great comments. Agree. How was the crowd night you went? This is one show that deserves to sell out and extend.

Johnna Adams said...

I am quick to go for the obviousest of clever remarks. :-)

It was pretty early previews and there were probably 50 people? Not sure, I am pretty crap with math.

Erin Courtney, Thomas Bradshaw, and Valerie Work (all graduates of or current students from Brooklyn College/ Mac Wellman) and Gus Schulenburg and I were all sitting in the same row. So it was a very high-class group of 50 people, as you can see ;-)