Monday, September 17, 2007

R.I.P. Robert Jordan, The Wheel Turns

Fantasy novelist Robert Jordan passed away yesterday. Here is a link to novelist George R.R. Martin's notes on knowing and missing Robert:

There had better be a campsite in the afterlife where we all get a chance to sit with Robert, eat smores, and spend a few months of eternity listening to him tell us how the damned books were going to end in graphic detail! I think I have read about 143,000 pages of his work-- and it will now have to be brought home and all prophesies fulfilled by someone other than the great wheel turner. Arghhhhhhh! I wail, I weep, I tear my hair and eat ashes. Eleven 1,300+ page books into the series we lose the prophet! Unendurable!

Obviously, God is a big fantasy fan and ran out of patience waiting to see how it would all end. The bastard.

I am going to start sending George R.R. Martin emails nagging him to get regular check ups and offering to pick up some preventative healthcare costs. If Song of Ice and Fire goes uncompleted I am going to have a complete nervous breakdown.

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