Thursday, September 27, 2007

Public Theater's Emerging Writers Group Gets Over 650 Applications!

The literary staff at the Public Theater sent out an email revising their schedule for interviewing candidates and determining the composition of the Emerging Writers Group today because they got OVER 650 APPLICANTS.

That is more than twice what New Dramatists got last year (306). Wow. And, I believe that their publicity was strictly web/blog based. Not sure about that though. I guess their standards are a little lighter than New Dramatists (they only require you send one full length play, not two). But, I was still stunned to read that number!

The revised timeline for selections:

Finalist Interviews: Mid-December, 2007
Notification: Week of December 17, 2007
Program Start Date: Week of January 15, 2008
Program End Date: Week of December 15, 2008


Adam said...

imagine the number if they allowed agented writers too.

JJW said...

i didn't get that email. but wow!


Ken said...

I got that email. I was glad to get confirmation that they received my application. A little worried when I saw the number of applicants. I am also applying to New Dramatists this year, so wherever I go I'm up against hundreds of others. Yikes!

Christine said...

It's coming up on mid-december... anyone a finalist or know someone who is?