Monday, September 17, 2007

Mennonites Rock Times Square!

From my cellphone camera. There is a corner in the Times Square subway where the best of the best subway performers congregate. Usually you see shirtless phenom break dancers or astonishing gospel singers.

On Saturday, it was the Dohner Mennonite Church choir from Anville, PA. I stopped and watched them sing a couple hymns and took some literature to be a good sport. I loved watching all the bemused New Yorkers, who, like me, watched in astonishment and happily took cellphone pictures. Mennonites are so adorable!

I was rushing from the New Dramatists building to the Public Theater on playwriting missions. Despite my lovely post on the New Dramatists' admission discussion a few weeks back, where I cautioned playwrights not to wait until Setpember 15th and hand deliver their submissions, I, ahem, did exactly that on Saturday.

And then I had to run over to the public and drop off another copy of my application for consideration in their emerging writer program because I didn't follow directions and only sent in one copy when they asked for two copies. If I make it to the interview round in November I guess I will have to come up with a response for "If you are so interested in being in our writers group, why can't you follow the application directions?" Sigh.

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