Friday, September 21, 2007

Cried in the bathroom at work when I read this

It is so sweet. Made me extremely homesick for California. Sniffle.
The print version is on the stands in OC right now!

Best OC Playwright No Longer Living in OC
Johnna Adams
Multiple winner of various OC Weekly awards and accolades, Adams has turned her back on California for the greener artistic pastures of the Big Apple. If her blogs are any indication, she has hit the Disneyfied Times Square concrete running: She attends numerous readings and plays; got a cool rejection letter from South Coast Repertory; has gone through the process of applying to New Dramatists; and has taken classes with playwrights as diverse as SCR-produced Christopher Shinn, Pulitzer Prize winner Paula Vogel and avant-gardist Mac Wellman. She has also just started a new trilogy of plays. You can read about the process of an artist in development by making her your MySpace friend.

I love it that Joel Beers, the writer (unless it was Dave Barton?), thinks my applying to New Dramatists is newsworthy. When I stumbled into the New Dramatist offices with a rumpled paperbag holding my application materials (on the last day of the deadline) and mumbled "uh, yeah, turning in my application stuff," little did I or the staff there realize that there would later be press coverage in California!

And media coverage of my rejection letter status at SCR? You guys are awesome! Brangelina doesn't even have that.

This issue also has an excellent write up on Eric Eberwein, who is the legit best OC Playwright of the millenium and the amazing work he does promoting new work in the county. And a super write up on Brian Kojac from STAGEStheatre (where I cut my milk teeth) who produced my first play. And Breath of Fire Theatre Company, the best new company in the county. And Jay Frayley, actor extraoridinaire. I got misty all through reading this. I am getting so sentimental with old age.

OC ROCKS! Miss you guys.


The Misanthrope said...

I closed my office door and cried that you are not out here anymore.

Johnna Adams said...