Wednesday, September 26, 2007

August Schulenburg's Other Bodies at KNF In the Rough

Went to the Katherine and Friends (KNF) Theatre in the Rough workshop of August Schulenburg's OTHER BODIES on Monday night. Gus runs Flux Theatre -- the group I went on retreat with a few weeks back.

Wow! I really think it was mis-named as a workshop. The acting performances from Christina Shipp and Gus were phenomenal! The passion and commitment pouring off of them was astonishing. Christina skillfully navigated a performance that encompassed about 4000 different characters (and inanimate objects like alarm clocks) with a faculty that was deeply impressive. Add to that the fact that we were told there were radical changes to the second act between the two performances the play had. You would not have known it. The acting was flawless, off book, rehearsed to perfection, and it looked like they'd been running it for months.

There are some extrordinary pockets of language and the whole scope of the play is intriguing and challenging. It is essentially a play about transformation-- and the tone, structure, and rules of watching the play transform in surprising ways as the action unfolds. So, I really dug the way the content and form were both working together. The play teaches you how to watch it in an evolving way-- and the experience changes, and deepens as the night progresses.

From the talkback, is sounds like there are some more changes ahead for the script, but what's there now suggests that a glorious future is on the horizon. I don't want to quote lines from a script in development-- but there were several in this that struck home and acted on my consciousness like a force of nature. Moments where I would hear a line and say "Oh! I didn't know the universe worked that way, but this is obviously truth." And a monologue in the second act that I thought was flat out genius. Looking forward to seeing it evolve!

Gus, Adam Szymkowicz, and I are also discussing writing on Adam's blog in the comments to a recent post if you are interested.

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Adam said...

I'd like to second everything you said. There were so many moments that were shockingly poignant.

I'm looking forward to seeing the next version as well!!