Monday, August 20, 2007

My Art for Auction at Rude Guerilla Theatre Co Fundraiser Next Month

The angel art above is going up for auction in Santa Ana, CA, next month at the Rude Guerrilla Theatre Company fundraiser. I donated this drawing (99 Cent Angel Sale: pen, sharpie, metallic paint pen and felt marker on 9in by 12in paper), a hand knit green scarf and two signed plays for the silent auction. I expect the stuff will go super cheap, so this is your chance to pick up some Johnna originals at a steal.

They haven't posted the info on the time and location of the fundraiser yet. But watch their website for more details.


The Misanthrope said...

I miss your incredible drawings during meetings; it made the meetings more palatable.

Johnna Adams said...

Yes, I did a lot of this drawing at an all day work meeting. The co-workers who flew in from London (the only ones I would show the drawing too, my coworkers here might rat on me) were very impressed. Makes the meetings palatable for me too!