Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Mark Ravenhill on Arts Journal and Work Monitors MySpace

Great article about UK playwright Mark Ravenhill on Arts Journal this week (link below).

He has a cool new premiere at Edinbourgh this year and talks about an epilectic seizure he had this year that resulted in a blank spot in his memory for the first part of this year! Wow, I can't even imagine what that must be like. Good thought energies that he makes a full recovery.

He is one of my favorite playwrights and Shopping and F*cking is an all-time favorite play. Also, one of my only flattering acting pictures is from a production of his play Handbag which I loved acting in (except for my lame, incompetent attempts at stage combat that almost left me with a concussion at one rehearsal!). If I can dig it up from my files I will post it here. I play Maurette and am holding a vial of pretend sperm. Friend Erika holds a turkey baster which her character intends to use to impregnate me with the sperm. (See, even the desciption of the picture is cool! Sort of gross, but cool.)
At a marketing meeting last week one of the big managers said that HR had done a screening of employees' MySpace personal sites and created a list of 5 or so sites that were pornographic (!!?!) and also named the company I work for in the "employer" area. They said there is nothing they can do legally about it, but they are continuing to monitor the situation.
Of course, I have lamentably little to post in the nature of personal pornography (fully-clothed fake sperm-holding photos aside) and don't mention the name of my employer on my myspace site. But it was still a bit of a jolt.
Am interested now in searching for those 5 sites to see if it is anyone I know!

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