Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Election Day at 2econd Stage Uptown

Went and saw Election Day by Josh Tobissen at the 2econd Stage Theatre's Uptown Series on Friday.

The play is a political sex farce. The open scene is a bit wobbly, but after that I thought the script worked really well and built to an extremely funny pay-off. The actors were great (especially California eco-terrorist Michael Ray Escamilla, dotty sex-starved Halley Feiffer, and the best smarmy politician on the planet -Lorenzo Pisoni). Steven Capone' set design also delighted and fit some extremely diverse locations.

There are several brilliant plot twists that it would be total spoilerhead to talk about (the show runs through August 25, so you have time to go see it). Loved the intro scene for Pisoni's smarmy politician, who gave new meaning to the phrase 'willing to do anything for a vote.'

Go see it if you have any time left over from all the Fringe Fest shows you are probably seeing this week.

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