Monday, July 16, 2007

Unnamed Trilogy Outline

Here is a rough writer's outline for the trilogy I am working on . I have about 50 pages written on Angel Eaters. I may be cannibalizing an old desk drawer play for the second play, The Cruel Kind, and if I do that, I have quite a lot of that play written but needing adaptation. Have about 20 pages on 8 Little Antichrists. Hoping to finish the whole trilogy by the end of September.

There is no name. Tentatively calling it "The Legacy of the Angel Eater" Trilogy. But not entirely happy with that. Offer up possible names if you can think of anything.

PLAY ONE ANGEL EATERS. Set in the Oklahoma dustbowl during the depression. A young girl (JOANN) discovers a dark and evil talent (she raises the dead and steals people's goodness-- the opposite of what the southern Sin Eater does) and her curse is exploited by two traveling con men (FORTUNE and ENOCH). Also her sister (NOLA) has an unwanted pair of twins out of wedlock.

PLAY TWO THE CRUEL KIND. Set in a Texas trailer park in the 1980s. The ill-born twins and siblings are plotting to kill their mother (NOLA) for the insurance. A cousin arrives (JOANN’s son) and they try to exploit his dark legacy. This play might have flashbacks with the characters from Angel Eaters showing family secrets about the second generation's birth. We learn that there is a prophecy dogging the family that eight antichrists will be born, touched by the family's dark power, and bring about the end of the world.

PLAY THREE 8 LITTLE ANTICHRISTS. Set in 2020 in southern California. Futuristic thriller. The third generation of this ill-fated family is exploited for their power by a strange religious cult called the Procreationists. The Procreationists have huge warehouses where they put thousands of female cult members in large vats of amniotic fluids, pump them full of fertility drugs, and encourage them to deliver serial multiple births to expand the cult. The inheritor of the angel eater curse accidentally steals the goodness from and re-animates an in vitro set of octuplets and triggers Armageddon. Also a noir-style futuristic crime plots unfolds as a clone triplet investigates the death of her clone-sister. Will probably use at least one big puppet.

Sort of a crap summary of the plays. But that is what I am working from. Careful myspace blog readers will note that I posted a scene from 8 Little Antichrists about the Procreationists back when I was using that material for a play I never finished called microORGIES. Am cannibalizing that material for this. Me big play cannibal.

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