Monday, June 11, 2007

Tagged for Random Facts by Frank's Wild Lunch

Kyle at Frank's Wild Lunch wants me to post eight random facts about myself in some sort of blogger chain letter. Usually, I would refuse in order to seem mysterious and elusive-- but, because it is Kyle and I owe him because the Black Dahlia case of mistaken identity (he will understand the reference and the rest of you won't) here goes:

Bloggers must post these rules and provide eight random facts about themselves. In the post, the tagged blogger tags eight other bloggers and notify them that they have been tagged.

1. I read all 25 of John Norman's Gor novels in my early teenage years. And at one point I could recite all the titles (Tarnsman of Gor through Magician of Gor) from memory. Anyone who is wondering why I didn't date much in high school can now stop wondering.

2. I have a second cousin (named Snake) who is a rattlesnake wrangler in Mangum, Oklahoma. He takes people on tours to look at rattlesnakes and captures and sells the snakes. He is known for lining the cab of his pickup truck with rattlesnake skin and keeping a live rattlesnack in the cab of the truck to serve as his "car alarm." My dad wants to go and visit him this summer so that I have some material for a play. Hmmm. I don't know . . .

3. I attended a dance at Stanford when Chelsea Clinton was studying dance there, and she stepped on my partner's foot once. She apologized very sweetly. I think we were doing West Coast swing. She is a much, much, much better dancer than I am. The dances were open to the public (I did not attend Stanford, I was working as a technical writer in nearby San Jose and just taking ballroom dance classes there). Supposedly there were at least a dozen easily spotted secret service people in the room, but I couldn't spot them. (Good thing I am not a criminal!) It was at the heighth of the Monica Lewinsky scandal, and I felt very sorry for her and was glad Chelsea seemed to be having such a good time dancing.

4. When I saw my play done at the Iowa women's prison, I stayed at the director's (Mari Sivi's) house. Marti was living in a house that used to be owned by one of the murderesses in the prison who was working on the tech portion of my show (Kathleen). Kathleen asked me which bedroom I was staying in in her former house during the volunteer dinner and talked a bit about how she decorated the house when she lived there. Kathleen has been in prison about 30 years for killing her doctor husband in the waiting room of his practice in front of his patients. It was very odd seeing her prison life and then leaving to go spend the night in the lovely suburban home she had given up. She called herself a "widow by choice," and had gotten an MFA in Shakespeare while in prison. She was actually very pleasant to talk with once I got passed the creepiness of it.

5. I started crying in the parking lot of the Midland, TX, (or maybe Odessa, TX) mall when I was about five years old when I was going in to see Burt Ward who was making a personal appearances there as Robin (fromthe Batmans and Robin TV show). My mother told me he might be scary and asked me if I really wanted to see him and I burst into tears, suddenly afraid. I remember wondering at the time why, since Robin was clearly a good-guy on TV, my mother seemed so seriously concerned about seeing him in person. I mean, it wasn't like we were going to see the Joker or Mr. Freeze. . . . Anyway, I almost lost my nerve, but eventually went in and found Robin anti-climactic and a bit boring. Batgirl was there, too, and I liked her better.

6. Played a pinhead in a college production of The Elephant Man where the director decided to put us in "conehead" head pieces from the Conehead movies. Do I really need to say anything else?

7. Won the "Zoology" category in a school-wide science fair in the 10th grade for a a science project entitled "Could Centaurs Exist?" The biology teacher was incensed and told her classes that she felt the judging committee really let her down letting by awarding my project. I couldn't agree more-- I did the whole project the night before and was thunderstruck at winning. The project had a little home-made flip chart with a possible centaur skeleton, muscular system, circulatory system, and then skin. Total BS, and yet fantastically rewarded.

8. A guy stabbed another guy on my school bus in the ninth grade. I had to go around all day with little spots of his blood on my pants because I was sitting in the seat behind them. Stabbed guy wasn't seriously injured, I don't think. I didn't know either of the guys-- the other guy went to juvie after the cops caught him (he busted out of the emergency exit at the back of the bus after the stabbing and ran away). Can't remember what they were fighting over now. I think it was the seat.

Okay, now I need to tag eight other bloggers: (myspace) deadponies, dave barton, danward, M, jami (blogspot/blogger) theater mike, patrick gabridge, Toner mishap

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The Misanthrope said...

I saw you almost everyday for two years and I didn't know any of this stuff. No wonder you have such good topics to write about.