Monday, June 11, 2007

Greedy at Clubbed Thumb

Went and saw Greedy at Clubbed Thumb in Soho on Friday with my friend Valerie Work (current Brooklyn College MFA playwriting student- she and I did a Pataphysics workshop together last year).

Speaking of Pataphysics, saw The Flea Theater's Gary Winter in the lobby before the show. He said they are working on setting up some pataphysics workshops for the Fall. Expect me to pimp those workshops brickly on my blog-- I love me my pataphysics workshops and hope to see some of you there. Kate Ryan was also in the audience and Valerie and I chatted with her briefly after the show.

Greedy by Karl Gajdusek is part of Clubbed Thumb's Summerworks 2007 series. There are only 6 performances, so I think they consider it a workshop production-- I didn't see anything that separated it from a full production, though, as the show had great design elements, was fully staged, fully off-book, and looked like a production to me!

I thought they did a really nice job and the script selection was very compelling. Felt like they selected this script because it was an actor's play with wonderful characters to sink into and I respect theaters that make that choice. The script was satisfyingly caught up with a group of five money-greedy or emotionally-greedy individuals who are busy destroying one another's lives at a frantic pace. I liked the storytelling in the play, and loved the pragmatic focus every character had on a compelling need (either "I want money" or "I want love"). I couldn't quite tell where the play was set-- everyone was in the same town, I think, and I thought it was a small town based on one set of characters-- but then there was a yuppie couple that screamed Los Angeles to me, so I am unsure. But, that didn't really detract much. There was a lot of humor and I really liked where the story ended up. Something about it felt slightly screenplay-esque to me when we got to the twists at the end of the play- but, again, it didn't really detract. Definitely give it a thumb's up and enjoyed myself. I hope to catch more of the series.

Going to catch Flux theatre's Dream Series tomorrow night and then I have the Reverie Writers' Group on Wednesday. Probably going to try and do another chapter of the novel this week, too. Also planning on going to Brook Stowe's book signing party at the Drama Bookstore on Friday for his New York Theater Review 2007. Haven't seen Brook for two or three years. Looking forward to that.

Got a really positive rejection letter on Godsbreath from SCR via email last week. One of those rejections that make you feel like you got accepted for a minute. Megan, the literary manager, wrote five or so paragraphs on why the play isn't right for SCR and suggested an alternative theater in the area that might like the script. How cool is that? Definitely the highest class of rejection they offer (unless they have a rejection letter than comes with a shoe shine or something). So, I am happy about that. Wandering about Manhattan feeling special.

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