Thursday, June 7, 2007

Blog for Peculiar Works

I am the official blogmisstress (doesn't that sound delightfully wicked?) for the upcoming Peculiar Works' OFF Stage East Village Fragments show. See the exciting blog I created for them here.

It will be a team blog, so contact me if you want to be added as a poster. They want participants and audience members to post and give feedback.

The East Village Fragments runs Thursday-Saturday, June 14-30 (@7.7:30,8 & 8:30). Tickets are available at

I am going to go first weekend. Probably Saturday June 26th-- unless Kay wants me to go to a preview. My friend Kay is directing the Birdbath scene, which features my friend Kara Knappe-- who I introduced Kay to (so in addition to blogmistress, I am associate casting director!)

Kara was in my play THE MIRACLE OF MARY MACK'S BABY at Stages in Fullerton in (gosh) 1999 or 2000 as the psychotic teenage redneck, Geraldanne-- still one of my favorite characters of all the crazy little characters I have ever written. And that was (tied with Saced G at Rude G) the best production of any of my plays, hands down. Great cast and fabulous cast chemistry. Love to do a re-mount someday.

Planning to take it easy the rest of the week. Need to do some work on Angel Eaters and my write the second novel chapter. Also have six fantasy novels lined up in the Oran Trilogy and Outremer series to read.

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