Thursday, May 31, 2007

Reverie Writers, Play Progress and Other Notes

Went to the Reverie Writers' lab last night. Held at their offices on the NY Arts Floor at 520 W. 8th. There were only two other playwrights (Bill and Colleen) and the facilitator, Colin. It was fun and I am looking forward to when Kim (lit mgr) and other of the writers are able to attend. The summer is apparently a very dead time for the writers' group-- but we will persevere.

Read the first 13 or so pages of Angel Eaters. I thought it went pretty well, although I may need to re-focus the second scene quite a bit-- it went off on some tangeants. The first scene will be okay with tweaking. Due to the small number of people I had to read two roles myself-- which is icky. I can't get over how badly I read my own plays. I love getting cast in other people's scenes and swell with absurd pride if given large roles and especially if I get to play villians. But given my own play, I stumble about stupidly, screw up southern dialects that I grew up listening to, and manage to sound totally unconvincing, especially with the more precious dialogue. Oh, well.

When I got home (and some during the writers' meeting) I had a lovely time daydreaming my way through the rest of the play. I got several good images and ideas about where I am going and things that are going to happen. So, things are cooking I hope to spend at least one day this weekend writing and maybe get through the first act.

Colin mentioned that he and Kim decided on the winners of the Reverie Production play contest last night. But he (quite sensibly) didn't tell me who won. I have two friends in the running for the award (Peter and Louise) and would have been hard pressed not to blab. So I am glad for his discretion. He did say that there is one full length winner and two runners-up and one one-act winner. They should send out a press release in a week or so. They are also considering a great New York premiere for next year (due to budgetary constraints they will likely only do one production next year for their tenth anniversary season). I could tell you what it is-- but that would be evil. They are still in negotiation. However, it sounded like a cool, big-deal, neato production. So stay tuned to their website.

Reading a biography of Jane Austen called Jane Austen the Woman by George Holbert Tucker right now. Also started Wilkie Collins Armadale on the train this morning. Discovered that if I walk to the Astoria stop (one stop further from Manhattan on the W/N line) I can be assured of getting a seat instead of standing on train. So, I have been doing that the last couple of days so that I can read novels instead of magazines.

Will probably post details on my novel writing challenge tomorrow. Kay is coming over tonight and we are going to finalize the details and draw writing prompts. My friend Lesley may also write with us. She is mulling it over. She is writing a real novel right now though, and I hate to distract her with games-- but it should be fun.

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