Friday, May 4, 2007

Raised in Cyburbia

Enjoyed this article in the comments section of the Financial Times today by James Harkin. (You have to be subscriber to see the whole thing, but you can sign up for their trial sub if you want to read the whole article).

Before you clutch your heart and pull your hair out in astonishment at the thought of little moi reading the Financial Times on a regular basis-- this was pointed out to me by co-worker Anna, who does faithfully read FT and is has good taste in these matters.

I love the term he coins for the cyber- world (Cyburbia) and especially liked the following quote. He is talking about how the current webscape compares to Marshall McLuhan's prediction that the web should evolve into a "global village" where we all learn how to conduct ourselves as responsible citizens.

" . . . when we stare out of the window on to the web, what we see instead is a sordid cauldron of voyeurism and exhibitionism - instead of web 2.0, we might as easily call it Cyburbia. Our deference to the user-generated architecture of the place has made it into a headless monster, prone to ill-considered flurries of enthusiasm and dangerous stampedes. Its rumour mill can deflate reputations without reason, bully journalists and politicians and poisoning the terms of public debate."

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