Monday, May 7, 2007

Louise's BREAK at Reverie

I went last night to see Louise Rozett's reading of her play Break as part of the finals for the Reverie Productions Next Generation Playwriting Contest last night.

I am an interested bystander watching this contest because I have met two of the winning playwrights over the last few years (Carlos Lacamara and Michael Vukadinovich) and seen their winning plays (Havana Bourgeois and Billboard respectively). Carlos and Michael live in LA (Carlos at least still does, not sure about Michael who I only met once at his ALAP New Works reading). And, my friend Peter Snoad's play is up for consideration alongside Louise's. So, it is interesting to watch from my armchair. I wish they could do both Louise's and Peter's plays because you would be hard-pressed to find two worthier playwrights.

I really enjoyed Break and thought the director, Tania Inessa Kirkman, did an especially good job with the casting. The play deals with a NYPD officer and an FDNY captain who are working overtime to shift through the remains at the world trade center site three months after the 9/11 attacks looking for bodies. The play shifts between a conversation they are having in the lunch tent with a volunteer and scenes from their home lives-- which in some ways are spiralling into chaos. It was a very subtle and at time humorous play, which undercuts the horror of the subject matter nicely. The firefighter's home scenes in particular are rich and resonant and searingly effective.

After the reading there were only a few people who were sticking around for the post-show discussion, so we took it to a restaurant (Zuni's). There I got to meet Colin D. Young, Reverie Production's Artistic Director and Kimberly Wadsworth, their Literary Manager. They seem like an extremely nice group and Colin promised to send me information about their in-house writer's group which meets on Wednesday nights. That sounds perfect. Looking forward to seeing Peter's reading on the 14th now.

Got to see playwright Pamela Turner for a couple of hours on Friday. We talked so much and so fast we had both nearly lost our voices by the time she went off to see the second play in the Coast of Utopia series.

Going to Atlanta tonight for work. I should be back on Wednesday night. Then am going to my cousin's wedding on Friday (Kansas City) and returning Sunday. So, I probably won't get to blog much this week.

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The Misanthrope said...

You certainly are making the most of your opportunity to see plays and meet people. Congratulations.