Thursday, May 31, 2007

Live Theater Blogging and BBQ this weekend

Two events I hope to take in this weekend (unless attacked and defeated by my own laziness):

The Impending Theatrical Blogging Event
Curated by Michael Gardner
The New York community of theater bloggers blog about themselves as a theatrical event, live, at the theater, while blogging on their laptops. All blogs are projected onto a large blog screen. Audience bloggers are encouraged to comment on the commentators' commentary and blog about it afterwards. (60 min) FREE
Part of the pretentious festival
Sun 6/3 @ 9pm
At The Brick Theater at: 575 Metropolitan Avenue, btw Union Ave. and Lorimer.

Bloggers who will be there typing live, on laptops, include:

I was alerted to this not-to-be-missed piece of excitement by The Playgoer . I read several of these bloggers semi-regularly, so I thought it would be fun. I may bring my laptop and blog also (crash the party! hey, I'm a blogger, too, guys!). Because I was going to go somewhere Sunday and write anyway. If I go into Brooklyn I can camp out somewhere near the Park Slope Coop and do some writing--then head over to Williamsburg by 9pm. We will see if I am motivated enough. Need to remember to take a camera so I can post a picture on my blog. Because that would be utterly pretentious, right?

JOYCE CHO and MACHIQQ present: The CHO-CHIQQ BBQ Theater Festival
Scott ADKINS Erin COURTNEY Karinne KEITHLEY Sibyl KEMPSON Amber REED Kate RYAN Heidi SCHRECK and special guests

1pm – 5pm
369 1st Street, Garden Apartment - Park Slope
$5 (includes beer and hot dogs)

I doubt the hotdogs are vegan-- but I can stop by the Coop on my way there. This is a festival done by Brooklyn College MFA students. Should be fun. Adam Szymkowicz said he might go, too. Am also expecting to see Valerie Work and Annie Baker-- two friends from the workshop I did at the Flea last year with Mac Wellman.

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