Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Angel Eaters for New Writing Group

Started a new play and got about 13 pages in today. It is called Angel Eaters and is thematically quite similar to Godsbreath-- although it is not so comic. Takes place in the 30s, dustbowl Oklahoma and involves another resurrection boy. Trying to write the play that I thought I might write after I wrote the first 15 pages of Godsbreath before I went in the other direction. ;-)

Am going to take the first few pages with me to my new writers' lab at Reverie Productions tonight. That is being faciliated by Colin D. Young. Always exciting to be starting a new writers' group. Will report back later.

Was disappointed that Coram Boy cancelled the rest of its Broadway run on the 27th. I was hibernating over Memorial Day weekend and didn't hear about the shutdown-- so I missed the opportunity to use the free tickets I bought at Peculiar Works' fundraiser! That will teach me to sit on free theater tickets. I was looking forward to it, too. Double rats.

Spent most of this weekend reading (two of Stephanie Barron's Jane Austen mysteries and The Tower of the King's Daughter by Chaz Brenchley-- A++ to both writers and both series). And working on a duvet cover. I bought two queen-sized Ralph Lauren sheets in this really girlly yellow floral print and am sewing them together to make a duvet cover. Some perverseness of spirit made me choose to hand-sew rather than drag out my sewing machine-- but it is going faster than expected even still. I just need to put in the zipper. I have bought fabric to make a quilt for my cousin's wedding (not the wedding I griped about in a previous post-- different cousin). And I hope to start that soon.

Friends K and C have agreed to join me in a novel-writing challenge. More on that as it develops.

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