Friday, April 20, 2007

Partial Comfort Battle of the Bards Fundraiser Tomorrow Night

WHAT: The third annual Battle of the Bards. A Fundraiser for Partial Comfort Productions.
WHEN: Sat. April 21st., 6:30pm (doors open), 8pm (the battle is waged)
WHERE: Studio Mezmor (530 west 28th street, 'tween 10th and 11th aves)
HOW MUCH: $50 Level 1, $75 Level 2, $100 Level 3

WHY GO: Well, for one thing yours-truly was officially appointed HEAD program hander-outer at last night's organizational meeting. Well, I made up the HEAD part. But, I am going to be handing out programs! I am the only, lonely, person assigned to program distribution (as I prefer to call it). And will be soley responsible for the distribution of numbered programs to an anticipated crowd of 825 or so. I may have to add this to my professional resume, it is such a postion of notable importance and power. If you want me to hand you a program (in my professional, courteous, yet distant and unassuming manner)-- just show up. And pay.

In addition to getting a program from me, you get some sort of show. Bunch of theater companies around town performing ten minute themed plays for celebrity judges like Sigourney Weaver, Josh Lucas, Adam Rapp, Jim Simpson, David Cote, etc. Not as exciting as the program-getting portion of the evening, sure. But you can't expect it to be astonishing moment after astonishing moment all night. Or maybe you can. Show up and see.

My friends Kay and Kara are volunteering too. You will know them tomorrow as level 1, general admission gift bag girl, and lady with the sharpie marking hands.

The meeting was nice last night. About 30 or so volunteers, so quite a crowd. Held in the lobby lounge at Theater Row. So, I got to go in the stage door and then wander around the backstage areas. That was fun. Felt like a real theater person.

Sunday I may go and audtion for a one act festival. It is for Looking Glass Theater (not the big one based in Chicago, a smaller theater in NYC that focuses on plays by women and women directors). Will let you know if I motivate my lazy ass to go (got to dust off a one minute monologue, too).

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The Misanthrope said...

You are busy out there. I certainly don't let any grass grow under your feet. Look forward to a report on how the program distribution goes.