Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Finished My One Act - Claiming a Partial Victory

I finished my one act last night. I claim a partial victory on it at least. I don't consider it completely finished-- but a draft is finished. Have shortened the title to Days of Never instead of The Days of Never. Because the latter sounded too much like The Days of Our Lives (soap opera). It still sounds like The Days of Our Lives, so I am casting about for a new title. Days of Never is a little on the nose, anyway.

It clocked in at 77 pages. So, it currently runs maybe an hour and fifteen minutes. Not the 90 minutes I was planning. I don't feel like scene three-- the one I wrote last night-- is all there yet, though. In the rewriting I may add five or so minutes there. And I think scene one could stand another five to ten minutes, maybe. Not sure. I will re-read the whole thing tonight and see what I think. It may be a desk-drawer play. But I learned a lot writing it and I think some of the moments in the play are good. Am glad I worked on it. Not putting out a call for readers until I fix some issues. I'll keep you posted.

Going to volunteer to help out with Partial Comfort Productions' Battle of the Bards this weekend. I will blog about that. It promises to be great fun!

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