Friday, February 3, 2012

Back to Blog - Susan Smith Blackburn Finalist!

Okay, I will warn the three people who read this post that I am crazy to think I am really going to start blogging again. I am swamped at school getting ready for my thesis and trying to rewrite four scripts at once.

But, come on, I have to brag about making the list for the 2012 Susan Smith Blackburn Prize Finalists!

Especially since the other finalists are pretty amazing (not sure how I made the list with them):

Alice Birch – Many Moons (U.K.)
Madeleine George - Seven Homeless Mammoths Wander New England (U.S.);
Jennifer Haley – The Nether (U.S.);
Nancy Harris – No Romance (Ireland);
Zinnie Harris – The Wheel (U.K.),
Jaki McCarrick – Belfast Girls (U.K.),
Molly Smith Metzler – Close Up Space (U.S.);
Meg Miroshnik - The Fairytale Lives of Russian Girls (U.S.); Alexis Zegerman – The Steingolds (U.K.).

The links above for Many Moons, No Romance and The Wheel take you to places where you can actually buy the scripts! And you can read an excerpt of Madeleine George's play off of the NewDramatists site using the link on that one.

My play, you're just SOL on reading-- unpublished and I'm too lazy to update the NewDramatists page I have this year. ;-) If you google all the plays and playwrights like I did, you will totally see why I'm saying "how the hell did I make this list???"  There is nothing on my play out there! Except this little lone summary on my webpage.

Well, actually, I made the list because Seth Gordon at The Repertory Company of St. Louis nominated it. I thought he was a pretty big optimist at the time and was hugely flattered. The Rep is doing a reading in March as part of their

I feel like a cat burglar. A black ski mask, repelling equipment, long rope, camoflage face paint, script = Blackburn Finalist!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

OWP's New Catalogue - Angel Eaters

The new Original Works Publication Catalogue (links to pdf) features a whole side bar on the Angel Eaters Trilogy! (p.6)

And go buy my friend Eric Eberwein's play GREAT WESTERN WANDERLUST (p.4), and while you are shopping: Jeremy Gable's THE AMERICAN WAY (p.2), Jason Aaron Goldberg's MAIN DRAG (p.4), Matt Casarino's THE PORNOZOMBIES (p.5), Amanda Ticsher DeMaio's UNRELENTING RELAXATION (p.8), and James Comtois' SUBURBAN PEEPSHOW (p.10).

Kudos to Jason and OWP-- the catalogue really looks great!

Johnna Conquers GRE, 670 670

First off, did you see that Goldstar commented on my last blog and they are fixing the name typo?!  Wow. Goldstar is watching. Goldstar is monitoring us. Goldstar reads my blog. Goldstar cares.

I am going to add them to my links section. No one ever uses my link section and I forget it exists a lot, but it is the least I can do in return for Goldstar. That was neat.

I took the GRE yesterday and didn't totally embarass myself! I thought I would brag to the world at large. 670 in verbal and 670 in math. I thought when I saw the scores that I had scored the same in math and verbal and must be some sort of unknowing math savant who had intuitively guessed right on the ten or so questions I absolutely didn't know. Then I went home and googled it and they weight the scores way differently. 670 in verbal scores 94% and 670 in math is 64%.

So, okay, it's basically an F in math-- but it's a MIDDLE F!  Smack in the middle of F territory-- the 60s. And I took a practice test two weeks ago in which I score a 200 - which would have given me a percentage of bottom 12%. So middle F is VICTORY!

Yeah, I know that all of you know ten or fifteen people who each scored 800 verbal and 780 math, no doubt, but I am 15 YEARS away from college! So I want more credit than my scores merit, okay? I killed that GRE (as far as I am concerned)!!!

I am applying to Hunter College's new playwriting MFA program with Tina Howe. I will keep you posted on how that goes.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Mary Mack's Baby Landing in Orange County March 26!

My play THE MIRACLE OF MARY MACK'S BABY will be opening in Fullerton, CA, at STAGEStheatre on March 26.

Goldstar has a nice promo write up on the production (in which they call me Joanna Adams, and not Johnna Adams).

This is the tenth anniversary production of this play, which premiered at STAGEStheatre and was the first full length play I ever had produced.  They are going to reunite as much the cast as they can. I can't wait to see it. I will be in LA from the 25th to the 28th.

Monday, November 23, 2009

My Fisher Price Little People

My favorite toys.

Cropped Cardigan I am Knitting

Knitting a sweater for Xmas for my friend Charlyn. It is a cropped cardigan (, pattern Alpine). I have the back and sides done and just need to knit the sleeves and neck band.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Long overdue praise for Mac Rogers' VIRAL

Since I am months behind in blogging, I thought I would go ahead and be the last blogger on the planet to write a glowing review of Mac Rogers' VIRAL.

Yes, the show has closed. No, you can't go and see it now, even if I make it sound really good. Yes, this makes me very lame.

BUT . . . is there really an expiration date on praise? Is there? I don't think so.
VIRAL was part of the NY Fringe Fest and then part of the Festival Extension. Being generally late about things, I saw it on closing night. If I made a top plays of the year list, this play would be the top play for this year and next year, too. No matter what anyone does next year. I liked it that much. It is like a little theatrical virus-- you see it and you want to go out and infect other people into seeing it. As if you were a little Mac-germ, biologically programmed to think he is great and run around trying to osmose this idea into other people.

The play is a tour de force, lyrical tragedy with a dark comic candy-coating. Meredith (Amy Lynn Stewart) plays a life-weary woman who reaches out over the internet to three Pacific Northwest fringe-dwellers for help with her own euthanization. She turns to Geena (Rebecca Comtois), her boyfriend Colin (Kent Meister) and her brother Jarvis (Matthew Trumbull) who share a fetish for filming suicides as erotic art and posting the films on the internet. Mac crafts a haunting ode to the loneliness of all four characters. These are people who have tried and failed to connect with any external support systems and have lost themselves to dark and destructive fantasy. Meredith seems to be the most clear-headed and sympathetic one, her inevitable path to self-destruction is a seductive poison that leaves a bittersweet taste in the audience's mouth.

Rebecca Comtois and Amy Lynn Stewart were brilliant in this. Perfectly mirrored portraits of cringing insecurity and ferocious determination. And the script is simple one of the best-craft and best-realized visions you are likely to see. Or, ahem, likely to catch in the hopeful revival since I have blogged this too late to infect you with a need to go see it.